Face Mount Single Action Vent Latch Kit 1775FM-WHITE 2 Pairs


This window opening control device kit includes a left and a right hand vent latch, shims, installation screws, and screw posts. Designed to install directly to the face of the window jamb and interact with the active sash of any hung or sliding window. This WOCD is a new application product for aftermarket installation in the field or factory. This sash limiting device offers added security for windows.


Auto-Reset Child Safety Fall Safeguard Devices WOCD 1775FM-WHITE – 2 Pairs.

Two pair (4 pieces)of WHITE Automatically Resetting Window Fall Prevention Devices. One pair will outfit 1 complete window.

These Fall Prevention Devices also called Window Opening Control Devices (WOCD) work with Single and Double Hung Tilting & non-tilting Window Systems, and are required for kid safety.

This safety latch is a must-have child safety fall precaution product required for use in all windows as specified in the 2012 International Building Code (IBC) & the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC).

This product has been extensively tested by an independent laboratory and exceeds the ASTM F2090 requirements.

These devices are installed onto the window or window jambs using the hardware included. Once the devices are properly installed they will prevent the window sash from opening more than 4″.

In order to open the window farther, you must deactivate both devices using the single action mechanisms. The devices will automatically reset once the window is closed fully, once again limiting the sash from opening more than 4″.

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MFG Part #: 1775FM-WHITE
Design exceeds ASTM requirements
2-Left Hand and 2-Right Hand device in this order
Instructions and Mounting Hardware are Included
Will Fit Single and Double Hung Tilting & non-tilting Window Systems
2-Devices are Required Per Window (1-left hand and 1-Right hand) per window
Glass Filled Nylon Housing and Glass Filled Nylon Construction for Superior Strength
These Devices Are Face Mounted and are designed to mount to the face of the window jambs
Be sure to check the dimensions in the attached drawing for your specific application before purchasing

Additional information

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 20.32 × 10.16 cm


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